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about our team


We’re a group of passionate and determined people who want to make a difference. We are on a mission to provide free transport to vulnerable children and adults, giving them access to healthcare, new opportunities empowering their lives. Get to know us a little bit better.


Please Take Me There's team believes we can really change someone's world. Some work full time, some a few hours a week. It is our passion to help those in need that made our organisation what it is today. Founded as a Community Interest Company in 2014 with the help of 200 founding supporters, today we are a registered charity. 


Our team members and volunteers are from all over the world - we're British, Irish, Portuguese, Burmese and more. No matter where we come from, we're proudly based in Cambridge, United Kingdom.


All our work is positive and inspiring.

You will never see us making cash street collections, cold calls, door to door campaigns or even using distressing photos or videos. 


We are on a mission to help people in need get to hospitals, schools, jobs and other life changing opportunities. Join the team.


Shop in our online market. Profits from our store fund our projects and help us grow.