Please Take Me There urges you to donate your birthday to children with cancer

What do you fancy for your birthday this year – another pair of socks, a useless gadget? How about the gift of life?

Cambridge charity Please Take Me There is bringing a whole new meaning to ‘many happy returns’ by asking 500 people to swap their birthday presents for one unforgettable gift to a child with cancer.

The free-transport campaigners – which help those in need get to the places they need, whether that's a hospital or a school – are searching for 500 Cambridge residents with birthdays in 2017/18 to donate their day.

Those 500 people will help 500 poverty stricken families of Burmese children with cancer to get transport to hospital to receive treatment. Just £198 is enough to help one ill child for a whole year but currently an estimated 90% of Burmese children with cancer don’t survive. 

Birthday girls and boys simply need to ask their family and friends to donate to instead of buying gifts – and ensure a very happy birthday for more than just the recipient. 

“There are almost 3,000 new cases of childhood cancer each year in Burma, but with only one hospital in the country with a trained paediatric oncology doctor, only 270 are given treatment. The majority of families live in extreme poverty, earning only 40 pence per person, per day, and cannot afford the regular, long and expensive journeys to hospital,” says Fernando Pinho, founder of Please Take Me There

“Parents are forced to sell everything they have to pay for the journeys, including the houses and cattle used to feed their families. As a result, most families are forced to stop their children’s cancer treatment. But Donate Your Birthday participants can give one of these children the financial support to never miss a life-saving treatment again or to gain palliative care – and that is one birthday they will never forget.” 

Please Take Me There works with local partners all over the world to help those in need get to hospitals, schools or a safe place. In partnership with World Child Cancer, it has been helping children with cancer in Myanmar, Burma, since 2015. The charity also supports people in the UK, helping to reunite families, paying for transport for people in need, those who are seriously ill, or facing hardship. 

Meet the charity at Market Square every Saturday during March or Donate Your Birthday at

Fernando Pinho