Break a Guinness World Record to help children with cancer

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27th February 2018 – Cambridge charity, Please Take Me There, today announced it will attempt to break the official Guinness World Record for the most recycled paper planes made in 15 minutes, on October 14th this year. Supported by the community, local school children and their families, the event will take place on Parker’s Piece and will see the community come together to make and fly over 12,000 recycled paper planes. The event is part of the local charity’s campaign ‘Fly Through Cancer’  – which is raising funds to buy a specially prepared aeroplane to transport sick children. The next six months will be dedicated to signing up ‘record breakers’ across the city, particularly in schools, teaching children about humanitarian aid, and instructing them on how to make a paper plane.

Charity founder, Fernando Pinho commented, ‘Please Take Me There is focused on positive actions that produce real, practical and measurable results for children who need our help– so we are very excited about this event that is supported by Guinness World Record, the Cambridge council and local schools. By bringing 4,000 members of the local community together we will do something inspiring and memorable for the whole city– as well as raising funds and awareness for our Fly Through Cancer campaign.’ He continued, ‘Transport is a very real problem that can prohibit children reaching the treatment or care they need. We plan to get a small aeroplane to provide transport for these children and by joining us for our amazing recycledpaper-planes challenge you can help that aeroplane become a reality.’

The Please Take Me There team will spend the coming months visiting all local schools to inform them about the charity’s work in Myanmar, Ghana and the UK, highlighting the importance of humanitarian transport, plus teaching them how to make the best recycled paper plane possible. ‘We are expecting a high interest in the Guinness World Record attempt so we are asking people to pre-register, at the dedicated page on our website where children, their families, and members of the public can find out about the event, and how it will help our work. There will also be a chance to learn how to make the very recycled best paper plane, as quickly as possible – following the NASA design at various public events and online,’ commented Fernando. ‘We have printed up special flyers, with the folding instructions – so everyone should be able to create a great plane.’

Although the focus is on the city’s school children (participants must be over the age of seven on the day of the event), everyone is invited to take part. In order to break the record, the charity must beat the current record which saw 1,942 people, making 5,826 paper planes.  Please Take Me There wants to more than double the number, to create a record that will stand the test of time, and is aiming for 4,000 people making 12,000 recycledplanes. On the day, each person will be asked to make three planes within 15 minutes. 

Parkside School is the first school to support the programme, and Head Teacher Mr Dhesi commented, ‘We are delighted to be part of this campaign. It is an important part of our school ethos to encourage children to work with charities, and to work proactively to help others. This campaign will really appeal to our students – they can get involved and be part of something rare and memorable by attempting to break a world record, as well as helping other children who really need support. It will be a great event and a real spectacle to see all the recycled paper planes fly at once right here on Parker’s Piece.’ 

Sign up for the Challenge & Help us Fly Through Cancer

People can sign up by going to - there they will find information about the event. For a small fee of £5.30 participants guarantee their place at the World Record event. By participating you will be helping to raise money for ‘Fly Through Cancer’ a programme dedicated to helping fund a life changing aeroplane , that will help children and their families get access to treatment, appointments, family gatherings or visit the places of their dreams.

Schools – Get in Touch

Please Take Me There are offering schools 30 /40 minute workshop/presentations all about the work they do in humanitarian aid, as well as showing children how to make a great recycled paper plane. ‘We want students at each school to feel involved in the project, and understand how their involvement has made a real difference to children who are, in many ways, just like them.’ commented Fernando. 

To arrange a workshop schools can email, or get in touch over the phone on 01223 653 133.

Fernando Pinho