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We want to help children with cancer get where they need to be as quickly and easily as possible. That’s why we're launching our new programme, Fly Through Cancer, which uses a specially-equipped aeroplane to fly children and their families to medical consultations, treatment, family gatherings and much-needed recreation. 


A life-changing aeroplane

Our journeys can help children with cancer towards a better future. Access to a small plane means faster, easier, and flexible travel which also brings enjoyment at a very difficult time.

In the UK, we are able to fly from and to small airports and airfields around the British Isles, so that families can travel in comfort, safety, and privacy. This is transformative for sick children with compromised immune systems, who risk infection by using public transport, and feel exhausted and even more ill on long car journeys. 

To turn Fly Through Cancer into a reality, we need your support. By donating £4/month, or by offering a one-off donation, you can help us raise funds for a small aeroplane, so we can provide flights for children with cancer in the UK and abroad. And you can get even more involved - check out below!


You can have your name painted on our aeroplane

We're proud of our donors - and we want to take you with us on our life-changing journeys. For a regular gift of £4/month, or a one-off donation of £48 or more, you can have your name painted on our plane!

Your name will be painted on the aeroplane dedicated to transporting children with cancer as soon as we have raised funds and had it delivered.

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You can see that you are helping real families

We provide regular information about those we’re helping through photos, videos, Skype hangouts and email updates. From footage from the cameras installed on the aeroplane, you can watch our flights with the families we support (if permission is given by the family). You have the chance to see for yourself the incredible difference a better journey makes to a child and their family. 


You can visit the aeroplane and help prepare a flight

We are an open and inclusive organisation, and we love it when our donors get involved. You can come to our events, visit the aeroplane on special open days, pop in to see us at our office in Cambridge. For those who want to get even more involved, you can come and work with us for a day, and help prepare a flight – something exciting and little bit different! Just get in touch via our contact page

The Problem We’re Helping to Solve: Impossible Journeys


What transport challenges do children with cancer and their families face?

According to a study carried out by the cancer charity CLIC Sargent, parents spend an average of £600 in additional expenses per month. The majority of these expenses are travel related. Many families have to travel for hours and spend money they simply don’t have on long journeys. 

Often, air travel is the best option - for a child who needs to get from Manchester to London to see a consultant, for example. However, children with cancer usually have compromised immune systems, so travelling on a public plane is dangerous. A large, crowded plane can cause fatigue and nausea, plus airline tickets are expensive, and there are travel restrictions imposed by many airlines. Travelling by plane becomes impossible.  

A small aeroplane is the ideal solution, both in the UK and internationally. We can make hard journeys easy and even enjoyable. We can get children with cancer where they need to be. 

A very special way of travel: how it works

For short and medium haul distances, our flights will allow children and their families to fly safely at no cost, reducing the time they need to be away from home, and from school or work.

Weather permitting, they can fly when it is convenient for them. They won’t need to deal with the stress of travelling through busy airports, queuing for check in and security procedures. We will also fly from smaller airports, closer to where the families live. We can get people from A to B, solving a very real problem, with speed and ease. 

If for some reason we are unable to fly, we'll provide a transport grant to get children and families where they need to go. 


Our flights

We can offer free access to the airplane for non-emergency transport. Families can use the service to travel to medical examinations or to see a specialist. We can also offer recreational flights allowing children and families to create valuable memories together.

We will offer our support to national and local charities, hospitals and hospices, and work together to identify who needs our help.

Based in Cambridge, international reach

Based in Cambridge, the airplane will be flown by experienced volunteer pilots, who offer their time to Please Take Me There. Most of the year, the airplane will help families based in the UK. During winter months, and once a year, our airplane will travel to a developing country and help transport children from remote areas to the hospitals that can treat them. We will also fly medical teams to remote areas to help diagnose patients and provide essential training to local doctors and nurses. 






Your donation also helps children with cancer in developing countries

In developing countries, only 20% of children with cancer survive. Your donation will also allow us to continue to help hundreds of children in countries like Myanmar and Ghana, by offering thousands of journeys to children and families living in poverty. These are journeys to and from hospitals, for diagnoses, medical treatment or palliative care. So far we have enabled over 2,500 journeys.


These are some of our friends helping us or receiving our support 

A very special aeroplane