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 Living inside a small aeroplane for seven days

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Why we need your help

Our aircraft, which has been providing hope and joy to seriously ill children and adults, is being grounded – but it’s all in a good cause.

Fernando Pinho, who founded Please Take Me There, has pledged to live for a week inside the Cessna Stationair to try to raise the £40,000 desperately needed for its Fly Through Cancer programme. The project was launched in October last year to fly children and adults suffering from cancer or other life-threatening illnesses to wherever they need to go – for treatment, to be reunited with family or, in some cases, to visit a favourite place for one last time. The charity, which has since flown more than one hundred people in its specially prepared aircraft, relies on donations and desperately needs funds to continue flying.

It all started when…

Fernando’s father called him on his birthday. He told Fernando that his brother, who was only ten years old, had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. His family went through a very difficult time, and then Fernando found out that most children around the world do not have access to treatment. Since then, he and his team of dedicated volunteers have been helping children and adults with cancer all around the world get to the treatment they need. Watch the video and find out more!

From Monday 6th May, I’ll be living inside a tiny aeroplane for seven days! There’s no space to lie down, and no food available (I’ll rely on people to help me.) You can follow the challenge on Facebook Live. I’m doing it to fundraise so we can keep helping children and adults with cancer. So far, we have offered more than 3,000 journeys to children and adults with cancer, but our funds are running out.
— Fernando Pinho, Please Take Me There's founder

Get involved

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Visit Fernando

Fernando is living inside our tiny aeroplane at Fowlmere Aerodrome for seven days! He is living in a space as small as 1.5 square metres- that’s no bigger than the backseat of your car! Why not show your support and visit him? Just call 01223 653 133 and Fernando or our team of friendly volunteers will assist you in taking you there!

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Please donate to make our aeroplane fly again and support children and adults with cancer

To keep offering flights to families fighting cancer, we need to fundraise £40,000. Please donate here if you want to be part of making it possible for children and adults with cancer to enjoy easier access to treatment, to visit relatives, or go to the places of their dreams.


Organise your own challenge

Feeling inspired by Fernando’s challenge? If you would like to fundraise for Please Take Me There, we can help you organise a bake sale, run a marathon, or create your own event! We love new ideas. Just get in touch by emailing or calling us 01223 653133