Our Solutions 

We assess each request individually and determine which solution is most suitable. Each approach is directly funded by our supporters and managed by our team in collaboration with our local partners. 


Family Transport Grants

We use the existing transport network and help the person in need to access it. This type of project allows a quick deployment but can restrict our operations to locations where commercial operations are already in place like airline companies, coaches and trains. 

Mission Airplane

When the project requires more flexibility and/or to run for a longer period of time, we use a private airplane, sourced to fulfil the mission’s specifications. It is flown by volunteer professional and experienced commercial pilots, who kindly offer their time to Please Take Me There. This type of operation gives us access to places without commercial transport operations. 

Permanent Solutions

In some situations, a community needs a permanent solution, for example, daily transport for their children to a school many miles away. In situations like this one, we consider solutions that can be run by the community on a permanent basis.