Our approach

Transport gives them hope and dignity.


Right now, more than one 1 billion people in the world live without access to adequate transport. That's 15 times the population of the United Kingdom. 

I have personally met hundreds of children with cancer and their families that struggle financially just to be able to pay for transport. As a result, many give up treatment.

These are families from developing countries, but in the UK, many parents of children with cancer face financial hardship with hundreds of pounds added to their bills each month. 

Adequate and accessible transport can change everything. It gives access to medical care but mostly important, it gives hope and dignity. Since 2014, Please Take Me There has been helping hundreds of families get access to treatment or to the places they need to be.

What's more, we are a charity as you have never known before. Each donor can become part of our team by volunteering and helping us run our campaigns and projects.

Wherever you are, you can know how we are doing and learn about the stories of families supported. We do it by producing weekly videos, by organising regular Skype hangouts with donors and by inviting you to meet us at events at our office in Cambridge. 

At Please Take Me There we are open to all supporters so we can change someone's world together. 

We raise money for different projects around the globe. Then we work with local partners to help those in need to get to the hospitals, home or the place of their dreams. These are life changing journeys. 


Fernando Pinho
Founder, Trustee

Fernando with the very first family we helped in Myanmar in 2015.

Fernando with the very first family we helped in Myanmar in 2015.