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An aeroplane to help sick children and their families


The Cessna Stationair is one of the most versatile aeroplanes available today and used by charities all around the world.

Rugged, economical and versatile, the Cessna Stationair allows us to transport families in safety and comfort. Within Please Take Me There's budget, this is the perfect aeroplane to help us change the lives of many children and their families in the UK.



Based in Cambridge, the Cessna Stationair will be flown by experienced volunteer pilots, who offer their time to Please Take Me There. Most of the year, the aeroplane will help families based in the UK. During winter months, and once a year, our aeroplane will travel to a developing country and help transport children from remote areas to the hospitals that can treat them. We will also fly medical teams to remote areas to help diagnose patients and provide essential training to local doctors and nurses. 

Are you a pilot? You are most welcome to join us!

If you are a qualified pilot (minimum EASA PPL), you can join our team by becoming a volunteer. Together with Cambridge Aero Club, we are preparing a selection and training program to be announced soon. All our pilots will be able to be part of a multi crew and help us transport families all around the UK. To find out more, please email us at 

Fly Me There

We want to help children with cancer get to where they need to be, as quickly and easily, as possible. That’s why we are launching a new programme ‘Fly Me There’ which focuses on using a specially equipped aeroplane to fly children and their families to medical consultations, treatment, family gatherings and much needed recreational activities.