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A practical solution where we can make a real difference.


We all take our journeys for granted, but getting from A to B takes on a whole new significance when that journey could save a life, or bring a moment of happiness to a seriously ill child, or in poverty.  Whether you are sick child in Cambridgeshire who needs to visit a consultant in Edinburgh, or a young person in Myanmar who needs to make a 12-hour regular monthly trip for treatment – we can help you. 


Transport changes everything 


Fly Me There (U.K.)

Our specially prepared airplane will provide free transport to seriously ill children and their families. This means faster journeys, no airport queues and greater privacy and comfort; journeys that help children dream of a better future.

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Myanmar (Burma)

For children with cancer in Myanmar, transport can change everything. Every month we help 60 families traveling to and from the only hospital in the country that can offer life saving treatment to their children. 

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In Ghana, children with cancer have no access to free medical care. They need to pay for it. Pay for the diagnosis, for the specialists, for the treatment, for transport, for everything. 

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