You can help us get them there!


For children with cancer in Myanmar, transport can change everything.

Hundreds of children die of cancer each year without receiving specialist medical treatment or adequate palliative care. With an average individual income of only 40 pence per day, most children can't afford the 12 hour journey to hospital. 

With your help, Please Take Me There can provide free transport and ensure that children will receive medical treatment, giving them the opportunity to survive. Find out more here.

Your monthly donation can provide free transport for one child with cancer during one year of treatment. 

Help transport a child with cancer to hospital and give hope and the opportunity to survive.


Transport can change everything. give access to healthcare. reunite families. change lives.

When a community gets access to transport, it can change everything. It can give access to medical treatment, increase access to jobs, help children get to school, empowering and transforming their lives. 


With the support of people like you, we are helping to transform the lives of many children and vulnerable adults. Here’s what you should know.


We are all about hope

 Through genuine transparency and a project built around hope instead of pity, we're bringing people together, people who want to change someone else's world. 


We are in this together

We are open to anyone who wants to help. You will always know about the people we are helping because we share their stories with you. 


 We are helping people get to places they need to be and have a life of hope, dignity and opportunity.

Here are three ways you can help. 


Your next birthday will be the most important yet.


Pledge your next birthday for transport for people in need. It’s easy. Ask for donations instead of gifts and your birthday will change lives.