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We’re on a mission to provide free transport for seriously ill children, adults, and their families, helping them access the lifesaving healthcare they need.


Please Take Me There

Life is hard enough when you or your child have a serious illness. But what if the care you need is miles away and you can’t access the transport it takes to get there – either because you can’t afford it or because it’s not available to you?

Too often people are forced to give up on lifesaving medical treatment, simply because the journey is too hard or too expensive. So we provide free, non-emergency transport to seriously ill children, adults, and their families who are struggling to get to the healthcare they need.

 Living inside a small aeroplane for seven days to help children and adults with cancer

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Can we help you?

If you or your child are seriously ill and you’re struggling financially, we’d love to help you get to the treatment you need, to an important family occasion, or on a dream day out.

Did you catch our big screen debut?

Ride along with a reporter from BBC News (Look East) as they follow two-year-old Augustina's once-in-a-lifetime journey with Please Take Me There, and listen in as our founder Fernando shares more of his own story of how we got started.

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