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For children with cancer in Myanmar, transport can change everything.


In Myanmar, we have seen hundreds of families, benefit through providing transport grants, we have funded over 2,600 journeys.

We offer free transport to more than 60 families of children with cancer each month. For only £16.50 a month, we can help children travel to hospital, receive their treatment and return home, giving them the opportunity to go back to school and dream of a better world, free of cancer. And then, when we share their stories with you, you can know that you have made a difference. You can know that you have truly impacted someone’s life. 

The transport crisis. 

Please Take Me There has been working in Myanmar alongside World Child Cancer and Yangon Children’s Hospital since 2015. In 2016, during an extensive survey, we spoke with hundreds of families and patients and confirmed that the lack of transport is seriously affecting the survival of children with cancer. 

40 cents per day, 12 hour journeys. 

On average, one family earns only £2 per day; that is £0.40 per person. In most cases, this is not even enough to pay for one return journey to Yangon Children’s Hospital; the only hospital that can effectively treat the child. Each journey takes an average of 12 hours each way on up to four different modes of transport. However, there are children who need to travel for up to three days just to get to the hospital.


Hundreds of children die without medical support.

Some parents are forced to sell all they have to pay for the journey, including their houses and the cattle they use to feed their families. A shocking 89% of families use loans to pay for transport, food, medical exams and medicines. On average, a family spends 30 times their monthly income. As a result, most families are forced to stop their children’s cancer treatment. Without help, hundreds of children in Myanmar die of cancer each year without receiving specialist medical treatment or adequate palliative care.

You can help a child with cancer!

In 2016, during a pilot project we helped more than 400 people, including 125 children with cancer and their families, traveling to and from the hospital. As a result, we saw the treatment abandonment rate reduce to marginal levels. From 2017, we can solve this transport crisis for good. Please Take Me There can provide free transport and ensure that children with cancer will receive specialist medical treatment, giving them the opportunity to survive. 

Please Take Me There works in partnership with World Child Cancer